Is your skin dry and lacking in vibrancy? Give your skin back what time and elements have stripped away. Pevonia’s dry skin line specifically delivers a powerful blend of highly hydrating ingredients such as: Hyaluronic Acid, Micronized Vitamin E, Rose and Ylang Ylang Oils, that nourish and moisturize your skin while helping to prevent moisture loss. Fine lines are minimized, dry and dehydrated skin is relieved and revitalized. This line contains a selection of five products: water-soluble cleanser, alcohol-free lotion, suave and rich care cream (UV protection), silky-textured mask, intensive essential oil “Jouvence”.


  1. CLEANSER: Hazel Nut & Rose Essential Oil combine with other ingredients to easily remove make-up and impurities. Skin surfaces clean, moist and supple. Water soluble.
  2. LOTION: The healing effects of Chamomile, Aloe...complete a perfect cleansing program leaving skin smooth and prepared for further treatment. Alcohol free.
  3. CARE CREAM: Suave and non-greasy, rich in micronized vitamins and phyto-extracts such as: Horsetail, Aloe, Rosemary, Hops... helps maintain skin's moisture level and tone. UV protection.
  4. MASK: Smooth as silk, this powerful mixture of super hydrating hyaluronic acid and micronized vitamins... leaves the skin refreshed and radiant. Use after Enzymo-Sphérides peeling cream once or twice per week.
  5. FACE OIL: "Jouvence": Intensive essential oils such as Ylang Ylang and Jasmine... combine to tone and nourish, preventing loss of moisture and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Immediate absorbency... non-greasy residue.