Today it is more important than ever to give skin the proper, DAILY CARE. The air pollution, chemicals in water, preservatives in food and stress are just a few of the things in our modern environment that may affect the skin. You have more control over the health and beauty of your skin than you might think. It's usually our own bad habits more than our chronological age that takes thier toll. Leading dermatologists recommend turning the following life-style change into a lifetime ritual:

Rosacea is a disturbing, chronic skin condition that may be linked to fair skin, climate, hormones or genetics. It is characterized by persistent redness and sometimes unsightly tiny white papules and pustules, especially around the cheeks, nose and chin area. The RS2 Rosacea line helps combat this serious concern by alleviating, soothing, calming and healing the skin.

Is your skin dry and lacking in vibrancy? Give your skin back what time and elements have stripped away. Pevonia’s dry skin line specifically delivers a powerful blend of highly hydrating ingredients such as: Hyaluronic Acid, Micronized Vitamin E, Rose and Ylang Ylang Oils, that nourish and moisturize your skin while helping to prevent moisture loss. Fine lines are minimized, dry and dehydrated skin is relieved and revitalized. This line contains a selection of five products: water-soluble cleanser, alcohol-free lotion, suave and rich care cream (UV protection), silky-textured mask, intensive essential oil “Jouvence”.

  • Herb(s) of choice: Depending on your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive), you may want to add a therapeutic herb or essential oil to the water. Several types of herbs and oils are recommended for each skin type. The following is a brief list of those most commonly used in facial steams:
    • Dry Skin: Rough, scaly skin benefits from chamomile, lavender, elder flower, red clover, calendula, jasmine, comfrey, marshmallow root and rose water. These non-irritants are also suitable for normal skin types.
    • Oily Skin: Basil, lemongrass, rosemary, licorice root, lavender and witch hazel bark are natural astringents that eliminate bacteria and help prevent acne. Tea-based herbal infusions are also recommended for oily skin.
    • Sensitive Skin: Those with exceptionally sensitive skin are advised not to undergo a facial steam more often than once a month, for no longer than three to four minutes per session. Typically, rosewater and calendula are exceptionally soothing to irritable skin.

Are you tired of having your skin react to anything and everything it comes into contact with? Sensitive skin requires products that restore the skin’s epidermal defenses and eliminate hypersensitivity.

Pevonia’s ultra gentle sensitive skin line provides the solution to your sensitivity by combining the most soothing and healing ingredients such as: Shea Butter, Propolis, Bisabolol and Neroli Essential Oil, for calming skin sensitivity, easing blotchiness and irritability while moisturizing the skin. Skin surfaces soft, smooth, calmed and sedated with an overall feeling of well-being. This line contains a selection of five products: anti-irritant cleanser, soothing lotion, healing propolis concentrate, desensitizing care cream (UV protection), calming mask, intensive essential oil “Douceur”.